Frequently asked questions

What are the Pre-requisites for completing the ATC Program sooner?

  1. 18 General Education credits taken at MCTC or transferred from accredited school(s) and approved by MCTC.
  2. 12 ATC/aviation credits taken at MCTC or transferred from accredited program(s) and approved by MCTC.
  3. ATC Aptitude test with a score of 40 or better.

Where is the ATC Aptitude test administered?

The Aptitude test is normally proctored at the MCTC testing center in Minneapolis. However, students outside the Minneapolis Metropolitan area that apply to MCTC can access the Aptitude test on the computer from any testing site with Proctor assistance.

What additional requirements are needed to enter the program?

FAA requirements include US citizenship, being under age 31, medical and security background checks and pre-employment testing.

How long does the program take to complete?

The program takes two years to complete. Students must complete their required 18 general education credits and the 12 ATC credits the first year. The second year the student would complete the 30 Air Traffic credits. Enrollment is once per year every summer starting 2009.

How much does the ATC program cost?

Tuition and fees are established by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board of Trustees and are subject to change.

Want more Information?

Call 952-826-2400 or write the MCTC Aviation center at: Air Traffic Control Training Program, 10100 Flying Cloud Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55347.